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Lock Change Toronto

Lock repair and replacement in Toronto
Technical assistance and lock replacement in Toronto and the surrounding area
If your locks are worn or broken, keys are stuck in the lock or jammed, or locks are out of order, you should have them repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage and inconvenience.

If damaged locks are neglected, they can end up causing lockouts and other locking problems, as well as making your home or business an easy target for burglaries. The locksmith service of the neighborhoods in Toronto – can help you! We offer lock repair services to residential and commercial customers throughout Toronto.

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Repair or replace locks? - That's the question!

When locks are faulty or broken, is it better to have them repaired or completely replaced? In many cases, locks can be fixed with a minor adjustment or replacement of the lock cylinder.

Repair and fix locks and our locksmiths will always do their best to repair the lock if possible. In some cases, especially when the lock is older and has a high potential to cause more problems in the future, our locksmiths recommend replacing the entire lock. They will only offer this solution if it is cheaper than the repair or if you decide to upgrade.

We offer lock repairs for home or business locks made by industry-leading brands including Kabba, Medeco deadbolts, Deadbolts, Rim & Mortise, Cam locks, mailbox locks, Cabinet locks, Knobs, Levers, Electronic Locks, Handlesets, smart deadbolt products of Schlage and Wieser brands, and others. We also have the largest range of locks available to replace your damaged lock if required.

Friendly Locksmith home lock replacement

A broken or worn lock can keep you locked out of your home and can even make your home an easy target for burglaries. Interior door locks can also become faulty.

Whether you need lock repairs for your exterior doors (front and back doors), interior doors (bedroom or bathroom), safes, or cabinets, you can rely on our trained and expert locksmiths to help you!

We can handle all types of locks and grade security levels for industrial buildings and warehouses from simple mailbox locks.

Optimum security Should you change your lock to limit the number of keys in the hands of friends or family

How much should it cost to replace a door lock?

door lock change costs are included if the job involves modifying the door or frame. If you’ve chosen to change the type of door lock, some extra work may be required to accommodate the new model. If the design and dimensions of the lock are the same, there shouldn’t be any extra labor costs to change it.  It costs between $149 and $249 to change a door lock include to cut new holes.

Guarantee locks
Unlike a DIY project, professional installation, repair, and replacement is guaranteed. A reputable locksmith extends the manufacturer’s warranty for the hardware and will guarantee their work. This gives home and business owners greater peace of mind should there be a problem with installing it yourself.

The number of locks 
Logically, a new lock should be installed on every door that can be opened using the old key. The total price will be based on the number of locks changed. Be sure to note the different types of adjusting involved. This is especially common with residential and commercial properties as not all doors have the same type of lock.

Protect locksmith Holding is The Best rating based on verified reviews and feedback from our resident clients and homeowners in the Toronto Neighbourhoods, Contact professional Locksmith Services For your Home and business.

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Opening Doors and changing the lock

Is your door lock stuck and you can no longer get in or out? Has your key broken? Or does The latch want to turn to unlock, it’s called the frozen latch lock, and can’t enter your home.

By contacting professionals in the industry, it is possible to request a timely door-unlocking service throughout the Toronto area and also in all of GTA. will be carried out quickly and professionally, following practical indications consolidated over years of experience in the sector.

This emergency advantage allows customers to have a direct number available in situations of an emergency, when the keys are forgotten inside, or when it is impossible to enter the home for any reason. We are also available to our customers by appointment simply go to our contact us page.

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