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Sliding Door Lock Installation Toronto

Cylinder locks for sliding doors: we understand what it is
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When it comes to interior sliding doors, standard locks such as a deadbolt or rim cylinder are simply not suitable. We are talking about sliding glass doors placed on a rail and the locks are separate and complete with handles.
Mechanical locking devices for sliding doors: design features

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Sliding door locks installation

Regardless of the material from which it is made, the door model needs a locking mechanism (especially if it is an exterior backyard door). This element, designed only for sliding doors, is significantly different from ordinary doors.

Next, make a hole near the latch mechanism. Then you need to fit in the prepared holes.

To assemble the layered device, you will need the same tools as for installing the flat device.
The installation will be different if it is a lock replacement or an installation on a new door.
Similar to the description of the previous installation method, first, it is necessary to mark the place where the cylinder was installed. After that – a niche is created for the bolt.

After that, it is necessary to fit the structure and use a drill to make holes for the screws. Then you need to proceed to the installation of the mechanism.

Locking devices for sliding doors with a handle have an unusual latch design. In conventional locks, a horizontal bolt, which is a metal rod, can only move to the right or left, if the bolt is vertical it moves up or down.

fitting the patio lock on the door

Most sliding doors are equipped with a lock, usually placed in the handle, which is used to move the door. Your assignment is to make sure the lock turns in the right direction. You just test it by operating it. A test to ensure your safety is to try to close the door and slide it, force it open. If the door does not move and remains completely still, the lock is working and the door is secure.

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If, on the other hand, the door does not open but moves, even slightly, it is not entirely secure. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the locking latch moves away from the frame or if the latch is not installed correctly. If you can't locate the problem or if, even after figuring out where it is, you can't or won't be able to fix it, you'll need to call in a professional. Therefore, you can arrange to get a free quote by contacting us directly from our company website.

perform fresh installation on sliding door

cutting holes and Installing the built-in lock
Now that your door is ready, you can install the cylinder lock. Place the headboard into the gap created, a light hammer blow may be required to anchor the headboard. Check that the holes you drilled match the lock cylinder, then screw in the lock case. Position the square drive and the gaskets.

Complete the installation of your built-in lock by positioning the handles and screwing the two elements together.

Your lock is now ready to use!

Installing a cylinder lock isn’t complicated, follow the steps, especially when drilling a new door, to avoid any risk of damage. You now have everything you need to install your new lock properly.

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